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Seaside excursions

In a relatively short distance from the city of Lamia, there are beaches and villages, where you can go for a swim or fish in the taverns.

At the upper end of the Maliakos gulf you can visit beaches like Karavomilos, beach of Raches and Achladi.

Karavomylos is a famous picturesque small port, with fishing boats and tavernas in a full-green area, with willows and running waters that reach the sea. There are also picturesque beaches,such as the Achinos beach.

The beach of Raches is a small summer resort, located about 25-30 km from Lamia, At the same point that nowadays is the beach of Raches, in the ancient years was the city "Alopi". It is a quiet place, with organized and not-organized beaches, suitable for all the tastes.

In a small distance from Raches, about 3 km, is Achladi, a traditional fishing village with beautiful, picturesque beaches.


On the other side of Maliakos gulf, in the southern part, you can find Kamena Vourla, a town that is at the foot of green mountain Knimis. It combines mountain and sea, while the visitor can find several beaches for swimming.

At Kamena Vourla there are hot springs at the foot of the mountain, located about 300 meters from the beach, while the springs of the tank are  described as radioactive --chloride.

From Kamena Vourla begins a daily boat day trip to Lihadonisia, the Greek Seychelles, as the locals call them. The Lihadonisia is a cluster of islands, which emerged after the earthquake, thousands of years ago. At the oldest years the islandes were inhabited , but today they are uninhabited, because the islands constitute protected ecological areas.


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